The Lygon Street Project

The Lygon St Project began in 2011 when an old warehouse (originally a late 19th century theatre) was sold to developers and was about to be demolished. I felt the need to follow and document the changes of this site, but originally had no intention of taking it any further. This was in hindsight quite naive as Lygon St was undergoing a major gentrification process. From a once busy industrial manufacturing hub that supported and grew because of the post-war European migrant families, the area now caters to high-rise apartments that are meant to address the housing shortage. So, the Lygon St project was born and has grown over the past 9 years to include the properties on Lygon St between Brunswick Rd and Albion St. 

In that time the project has grown and I now realise, I was capturing not only the changing architecture but a historical and cultural snapshot of a bygone era as it evolves into the contemporary culture we live today. 

My ultimate goal is to one day process the thousands of files and have then presented as an online historical resource of the north end of Lygon St, Brunswick

In the meantime, I need to arrange the photos in order of the address, please be patient with me!

I would also like to make a request to the public for information and old photos of the area. If you or someone you know has historical information relating to Lygon St before 2011, I would be appreciative of any contributions.

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