Seasonal Rorschach Series

By purchasing a print from this collection, you will have peace of mind that your print is based on a unique technique that delivers innovative style, colour and form. Available in a limited edition series of 5 per size across the world, you are guaranteed an exceptional conceptual artwork that has been printed using premium, archival, museum grade materials and processes.  

Grevillea Tango Collection

 The Grevillea Tango artworks (Seasonal Rorschach series) celebrates one of Australia’s  most extravagant flowers as it flows, dances and reaches out with its tendril like stamens.

The genus Grevillea gives Australia some of our most beautiful and versatile native plants. They are endemic across Australia in all its environmental conditions from cold high mountainous regions to coastal environments. They consist of dozens of individual flowers along a stem and these open in succession, for a longer flowering season.

Some grevilleas flower virtually all year, so there are even flowers in winter. But in spring, the bush is absolutely covered in a mass of breathtaking colour and are a favourite of the native nectar feeding birds. 

Modern Grevilleax150 x100Smalljpeg.jpg

Original Image