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The Artwork of DeConstructed Photography


My theory in practice DeConstructed Photography is an experimental process that explores the potential of 21st century digital technology, the physical capabilities of the photographic print and my artistic relationship with it.

The process begins with a single foundation photo; isolating the main subject and using a set of rules, it is deconstructed into many base forms. The base forms are used to reconstruct the image while incorporating contemporary post processing techniques and personal aesthetics. The end result is an undetermined image based only on its original pixel data.

Continuing the process, the physical properties of the printed image are deconstructed again by hand cutting multiple layers, using different templates. The final piece comprising up to eight stacked layers, creates a three-dimensional surface based on the original digital data and photo.

The visual and physical properties and capabilities of the print are pushed beyond its own original boundaries, expanding the conventional borders of photography into the neo concept of DeConstructed Photography.

My objective is to continue exploring the possibilities of the experimental process and breakdown the boundaries of both the visual and physical capabilities of the photographic print.

Expanding further on the digital DeConstruction process, it takes approximately three months to complete. This is not a technique that involves the push of a filter button and the complete image materialises. This technique uses up to 70+ layers and employs a meticulous methodology to produce these undetermined images. 

The physical DeConstruction process, where the artwork is reverse engineered with templates and each print layer is hand cut takes between 35 hours for a small piece (40 x 40cm) to approximately 170 hours for a 100 x 100cm piece. Because of the complexity and unwavering focus required to complete the process, the allocated time is spread over a couple of weeks to up to nine months.  


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