The Artwork of DeConstructed Photography in 3D


The following artworks are all created using the DeConstructed Photography technique.

This includes either the full digital and physical application of the technique or just the physical deconstruction of the technique combined with the collaging of photographic images.

The collaging of photos is an involved process which includes obtaining or shooting images, editing, resizing, creating the composition and colour matching.  

All of the artworks viewed in this section are Unique artworks and will not be repeated.......not only do they simply take too long to create, but they also deserve to be exclusive in nature due to the complexity and quality of materials required to create them.

​The physical deconstruction process involves creating templates for each hand cut layer, which can take up to 20 hours to complete. Then each printed photographic layer is hand-cut to its own template and there are up to nine layers in some pieces. This hand cutting takes anywhere from 30 hours up to 100 hours, depending on the size and intricacy of the artwork. Then, I cut the mounting material needed to separate each layer (2mm double sided, sticky foam core tape) into matching sizes/ strips taking a further approximate 40 hours on large pieces. The final step in the process is the most nerve racking! Aligning and stacking the layers on top of each other while removing the tape backing to adhere each layer securely, takes another 20 – 30 hours with help.

I must thank my friends William Aquilina and Nebahat Erpolat in assisting me to finish my creative process. Without their patience, steady hands and time, my artworks would not have seen completion. Unfortunately, I was not born with an extra set of arms and hands!

All my artwork are created using archival materials and processes and are completed with a custom made frame.

If you have any queries on my processes, please give me a call!

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 Reproduction without written permission from the photographer is prohibited.