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I am a Melbourne artist who lives and breathes unconventional abstract photography with a BA in fine art photography, graduating in 2010 with distinction. With a background in science and ceramics and a hands-on approach, my art practice experiments with the compositional elements in a single photographic image through digital deconstruction and the deliberate physical disruption of the print surface, through cutting and folding techniques.

I was initially drawn into photography in the mid-noughties because it had evolved into a digital process away from the wet chemical analogue method. I have always had an interest in the potential of digital editing and how apps like Photoshop can assist in the experimentation and creation of new work. Because photographers need to keep up with modern technology and explore the potential and possibilities of this techno-revolution,  my artwork evolved along with my interests in 21st-century technology. 

My art can be complex, but it reflects what I see going on around me. Being immersed in an environment and demographic that is changing at a fast pace has had a major influence on my practice. All the original subject matter comes directly out of my daily interactions in a rapidly evolving/ gentrifying urban environment around Lygon Street, Brunswick. Life is a compositional riot of experiences, emotions, color, forms, and textures, and these elements can be found within our photos. Using the same tools that all digital photographers use, I began to explore, experiment, and tease out the unseen and unexpected from one single photo. The capacity to step away from the confining, traditional notion of photography is what lies at the heart of my artwork. I believe photography can be so much more even when using the same tools and techniques that traditional photographers use. It just depends on your ability to see it can be so much more than what it appears to be.                                                                                                           

All my artworks are created from photos that would be considered mundane by modern standards, from florals to construction sites. They are all observed in my daily life and have been subjected to a technique that I call DeConstructed Photography, which describes both the digital and physical processes perfectly. This experimental technique creates undetermined imagery, based only on the original photographic data. One point I would like to make is that with all experimental processes, there are always successes and failures, and it is a testament to this technique that I have had both.

Self portrait, artwork

Local Melbournian.


2017 - 2022        Fine Art Printing Service

2007 - 2022        Freelance Photographer - Portraits, Products, Pets, Advertising, Architecture, Landscapes

2010 - 2018        Teaching part-time, Photography & Photoshop at St Kilda Community Housing, and curating the groups annual exhibitions.                                                             



2021  De_Constructed 2.0                                                                                                        The Long Gallery, Montsalvat

2017  DeConstructed Photography                                                                                         The Laneway Artspace, St Kilda

2014  Rorschach Dreaming                                                                                                     Gasworks, Albert Park

2013  Seasonal Rorschach 2                                                                                                   Carbon Black Gallery, Prahran

2012  Seasonal Rorschach                                                                                                       Archetype Gallery, Sydney


2021  Finalist - Nillumbik Prize for Contemporary Art                                                     Barn Gallery, Montsalvat 

2020  FinalistWyndham Art Award                                                                                  Wyndham Art Gallery

2019  Finalist - The Noel Counihan Commemorative Award                                          Moreland Summer Show: Language & Liberty           

2018  Finalist - The Noel Counihan Commemorative Award                                          Moreland Summer Show: Peace & The Pursuit of Happiness                                   Finalist -  Hornsby Art Prize                                                                                       Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre

           Finalist - Corangamarah Art Prize                                                                      Red Rock Regional Art Gallery

           Peoples Choice Award Recipient  - Wyndham Art Award                                  Wyndham Art Gallery

           Finalist -  Highly Commended-  Contemporary Art Awards - (Document)       www.contemporaryartawards.com

2017  Winner- Inaugural Noel Counihan Commemorative Award                                Moreland Summer Show: People, Protest, Power                                                       FinalistBurrinja Climate Change Biennale                                                            Burrinja Gallery

2010  Finalist -Williamstown Festival Contemporary Art Prize                                       The Substation Art Centre



2022   The Other Art Fair                                                                                                          Meat Market, Melbourne

2020  F_OC US                                                                                                                           Counihan Gallery   

          Memento                                                                                                              Magnet Gallery                         

2019  Songs Of Innocence                                                                                                        Magnet Gallery, Melbourne

2017  Sydney Rd, Poles ApArt Project                                                                                      Sydney Rd, Brunswick

2016  Factivism                                                                                                                         Counihan Gallery, Brunswick

2015  CCP Salon                                                                                                                        Contemporary Centre for Photography, Fitzroy

           Science Friction                                                                                                               Counihan Gallery, Brunswick

           Urban Materiality                                                                                                           Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy

2014 Speak Out                                                                                                                         Counihan Gallery, Brunswick

          Flora and Fauna                                                                                                              Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy

2013 Current Tendencies,                                                                                                         Counihan Gallery, Brunswick                  

          Confluencias  (Document)                                                                                               Museum of Freemasonry, Sydney

          Time and Tide                                                                                                                  Toyota Head Office, Port Melbourne

          Linden Postcards                                                                                                             Linden Gallery, St Kilda

2012 Urban Creatures, Toyota Emerging Artists Exhibition                                               Toyota Head Office, Port Melbourne

2011 All My Brothers Wives                                                                                                      Platform Space, Majorca Building,                                               

          Kodak Salon                                                                                                                     Contemporary Centre for Photography , Fitzroy   

2010 RMIT Fine Art Photography Graduate Show                                                                  45 Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne

          My Life, Your Death                                                                                                         First Site Gallery RMIT, Melbourne 

         "The Memorial"                                                                                                                Death Be Kind, Brunswick East

2008   Look Out                                                                                                                         Hogan Gallery, Collingwood

2007   On The Wall                                                                                                                    Cusp Gallery, Northcote 

2006   Ampersand                                                                                                                     Cusp Gallery, Northcote


2021 Future Now - Cooltzine#4

2020 Art Reveal Magazine No.50

2018 Reimagining the Regeneration Process by Dr Julie Rees                            

2017 DeConstructed Photography 2017, Limited Edition of 10

2014 The 'State of Art’ art book - ‘Photography and Digital’, BareHill Publishing

2013 Seasonal Rorschach 2012, self publication

2012 China Surface Magazine "Intra Generational Portraits" January edition

2011 Exposure



2012 Bachelor of Fine Art Photography with Distinction                                                   RMIT

2007 Diploma of Multimedia                                                                                                  Kangan Batman Tafe

2006 Certificate IV in Multimedia                                                                                           Kangan Batman Tafe

2000 Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics (Completed 1st & 2nd Year only)                          RMIT

1997 Certificate in Small Business Management                                                                Kangan Institute of Tafe

1995 Diploma of Arts in Ceramics (1st Year only)                                                               Northern Metropolitan College of Tafe

1992 Diploma of Applied Science in Animal Technology.                                                  Western Metropolitan College of Tafe



Moreland City Council

Private Collections in Germany and Australia

Olivia Newton John Cancer Ward


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